I’m a thinker.
I’m a maker.
I'm a designer.

My work reflects an intense yet diverse curiosity with the objects and spaces that shape us. These creations are ultimately what differentiate you and me from our four legged friends. Without these things we don't live. With them we see, learn, cook, cure, build, play, fly, carry, love... This is my starting point when I design.

Syracuse University, BID Industrial Design
Index Industrial Design, Industrial Designer - 2 years
JDK Design, 3D Design Director - 12 years
James Lindars Design, Owner/Principal Designer - 8 years...

Patagonia, Nike, Burton Snowboards, Microsoft, Seventh Generation, Anon, Merrell, Segway, Chaco, Timex, Nanit, Sylvania, Eureka, Pepsi, Bedell Cellars, Vermont Cider Co, New Era, Analog, Neuton, Carrier, Bauer, G-Form, Sram, Ben Cohen, Scorpion Sports, Revision Military, Jade Yoga, Wake Robin, Bricks, Jetboil, Phish, Susty Party, Turtlefur, Bove’s, Puma, Levi's, Virgin Mobile, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation.

Ram ID, Athletics NYC, Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, Violette Design, Color Shack Fabrication, Greenspace, TVG Production, Dabbs LLC, Dawn Rae Knoth, Ideas Well Done, Tribulus Design, VT Design Works, Wood & Wood Sign Systems, Catamount North Construction, CenterEdge LLC, Fuse Marketing.


“Talent without tantrums. Confidence without arrogance. Passion that's grounded in process. James is one of the most versatile, talented, and engaged designers I've ever worked with. He pushes past ego to attack problems at their core, always wanting to elevate the process and final deliverables for the team and the clients he collaborates with. I've worked with him on a wide range of projects—from environment to product to retail and more—and he's always raised everyone's game. And he manages to do all of this while being genuinely fun to work with, inspiring to concept with, and a total badass to be around. I'd love to work with him again. So get to it, people.”
-Kimberly Harrington, writer/creative director